Women who struggle with Sexual Intimacy

Women have Internalized insecurities because we wake up, and we have to put on a whole costume to get ready and go out and present ourselves to the world. 

Some of us have the nerve and audacity to call some men unattractive. But men don’t get the luxury of putting wigs on lashes to makeup and accessories. 

They wake up and brush their hair. 

But I believe women deep down inside foster his lack of security because they don’t love themselves. 

There’s nothing innately wrong with make-up, accessories, and extensions.  Men like a woman who can present herself well.  We all do it! The problem comes into play when we don’t have the confidence in ourselves and believe that we are beautiful without all those things. 

We subconsciously and consciously penalize a man and think he doesn’t love us enough or want us honestly. Because we believe he fell in love with the glamorous version of us.  

We feel forced to maintain this look or expectation.  Despite real men saying they prefer us just the way we are.  We get confused because we see little boys chase illusions, delusions, and fantasies—females with big booties, boobs, and the visual things that excite the male’s loins. 

But, those things don’t maintain a connection.  They are just temporary euphoric energy rushes that come And go. 

We must get back to our authentic selves.  

I believe women can’t climax sexually because of their insecurities regarding their bodies and looks. We are mental creatures instead of enjoying the pleasure of our man.  We are in our head thinking of how fat our body is.  The rolls on our back and if our hair is suitable.  

Pleasure comes when you truly accept all that you are, and you can get others as well.

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