Address Behavior without Attacking Character

See you know you’ve healed when you’ve gotten to the point where you don’t want to give a title or penalize the people who have hurt you see in my journey I used to talk about my exes and I used to call them Narcissist and actually wasn’t too long ago that I did that and what I’ve learned is I don’t need to give them a title what I can do is address the behavior because when I provide them with the title of Narcissist what I’m telling that person is that they don’t have the ability to change but when I have forgiven truly forgiven them and their actions and allow them to be handed over to God so that God can heal them and pray for your enemies then I realize that I can say hey my exes had abusive tendencies are my exes despite narcissistic characteristics that way I’m not penalizing them for who they are but yeah I’m talking about a bad behavior that will give them the ability to change I talk about my past not to penalize anyone but to encourage people to grow and that includes my exes I love my exes dearly I pray for them and I wish them best wishes was our relationship all that it was cracked open to be no but I do not wish them any harm I wish them many blessings and I hope that they are having successful relationships and that they have learn from our mistakes and are in a better relationship now and today

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