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Mediation plans offer the best value and are designed for those who are committed in their journey of achieving resolution







Financing Available:
Pay Over 12 Months
No Credit Check Required

2 Persons Mediation sessions (1 Hr Each)

4 Personal Conflict Resolution Sessions (1 Hr each) (2 for Each Person

1 Book: Biff "Quick responses to high-conflict people"

Spread your sessions to fit your schedule

$575 Value

2 Month Commitment Required

Parenting With Grace






Financing Available:
Pay Over 12 Months
No Credit Check Required

3 Personal Sessions (1-HR Sessions) Total 3 HRS

1-Book Inclued: "Raising Kingdom Kids, Dr. Tony Evans"

We offer financing for
Mediation sessions

No Credit Check!

Do you have a steady income? | Do you have a valid ID? | Do you have a checking account with no NSF Charge within the last 90 days?

If you can answer “YES” to all these questions, please click the link below to get started.

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  • The court system is overwhelmed with many cases.  You end up feeling like another number
  • Many Legal professionals are not trained in mental illness disorders.
  • Many Legal professionals lack cultural awareness of the complexities of minorities
  • Unfortunately, Time and money is wasted. Because of a broken system.
  • My role is to listen to you and ask questions. I will be finely attuned to your body language and tone of voice. I will share what I am observing in your non-verbal actions as well as your overt actions.  
  • You will have a voice.  
  • You will be in a safe environment to speak honestly and vulnerably.
  • I will not expose any information related to a conflict resolution communication to outside individuals without the consent of all parties and the mediator.
  • I required to report to the appropriate authorities, however, when information is revealed involving the planning of a crime, the commission of a felony, possible abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult, or a threat of bodily harm to any person.
  • Our policy is governed by the Uniform Mediation Act, which became law in Ohio in 2005
  • A structured process to identify the problems and possible solutions. 
  • Discover the weakness in each parties case
  • Mediation allows you to retain control over the dispute. 
  • Mediation is less expensive than Litigation

  • Mediation Offers Greater Privacy

  • A comprehensive list of all items needed to be addressed in a shared parenting agreement 
  • Written records of all agreements ready to be drafted into legal documents
  • You are encouraged to reach your own voluntary solution by exploring each other’s deeper interests.
  • Questions are asked, that nudge the parties towards a mutually beneficial outcome.
Allow our sessions sufficient time.  Arrange your schedule accordingly.  Please give a 24 hours notice before rescheduling.  No-shows can not reschedule.  No refunds. A fee of $75 for cancels less than 24hr notice. Emergencies are an exception.
Each Plan will automatically renew as the initial Terms unless a written notice of termination is given.  At least thirty (30) days before the expiration of the current plan term. After a 3-month commitment is fulfilled, the participant may continue at the initial price. Please let your coach know that you would like to continue. No refunds once payment is processed.
If the client chooses to finance. Depending on the approval amount. A deposit amount may be required. Financing is through a third-party vendor. Payment plans are established after approval.

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