Is Homosexuality a choice or are we born this way?

Here are my thoughts regarding homosexuality and whether it is a choice or born.

This is based on what scientists say and what the bible says.  Now before you log off.  Allow me to massage your mind.  To open you up to new thoughts and perceptions. 

Here is my disclaimer: This conversation is not in any way to bring condemnation to anyone.  To demean or attack anyone.  This is intended to get people to think, ask questions, and search for truth and understanding.  

My answer is that we can be born with homosexual tendencies and can also choose.  It’s both.  

For those who are gay and say that it’s not a choice, and they wish they had control and could change.  I understand your dilemma.  I have my testimony.  

You are right!  If you are spiritually dead!  You can’t control your flesh, emotions, and the sin that pulls you from within.  It is only through being born of the spirit of God that you can conquer the evil in the flesh and be transformed.  

Now, allow me to explain. 

I want to present several things to think about before I answer.  

  1. Scientifically, there is no proof for a “Gay” gene.  Similarly, there is no proof or cure for mental illness.  Science has only been able to view the effects of what we call mental illness.  But they can neither explain it nor cure it.

Furthermore, they only treat the symptoms by chemically manipulating functions in the body that manage the mind.  Or what some would say Nero transmitters that signal to the brain.

How does this relate to Homosexuality, and whether it is a choice or are they born this way?  Well,  hang on and be patient.  

  1. Second, science has now proved that trauma does affect our DNA structure. Here’s how: Trauma can leave a chemical mark on a person’s genes, which can be passed down through future generations. This mark doesn’t cause a genetic mutation, but it does alter the mechanism by which the gene is expressed. This alteration is not genetic but epigenetic.

Another way that trauma can affect you physically is by causing illness. 

A perfect example of this is when you are overwhelmed and stressed out.  You can get server headaches and ulcers.  Science has proven that those who live high-stress lives have more physical illnesses.  

Now that I have presented to you with this understanding.  It is essential to make a

Mental note that we are talking about something unseen (trauma) and something seen physically (the effects).  

So my next question to you is this:  Do you believe that you are both physical and spiritual?  Most would answer yes.  We attest that we are compromised spiritually and physically because we look at our horoscopes daily?  Many people go to psychics and mediums to search for answers, and some ascribe to religion and the divine.  Thereby acknowledging that there is a supreme being and heightening spiritual knowledge.  

Regardless of your spiritual belief system.  Let’s agree that it is safe to say we are both spiritual and physical.  

Now part 3. 

  1. I would like you to open your mind to some biblical principles of truths.  The Bible states that everything in the physical first begins in the spiritual.  In other words, what we see here in the material is only a secondary replica of what exists in the unseen world—the spiritual.  

Now, let me correlate that to science.  As mentioned before.  Science has already proven that what we can’t see and understand (I.e., trauma and mental illness) affects us physically.  

As it relates to our original question, we are moving along, whether homosexuality is a choice or born with it.  We must break this down on several levels. 

The Bible calls homosexuality a sin.  It is a sin, just like lying, cheating, gluttony, greed, and pride.  

The Bible says that we are all BORN INTO SIN!   So, here is the first part of the answer.  I believe that people can be born gay.  Why?  Because it is a sin!  

It’s the same as someone born with a propensity to alcoholism and addiction.  Science can’t explain it.  But we see the effects that if your family has alcoholism in it… that you are more likely to be sensitive to alcoholism. 

Now, the Bible calls these things sins.  It also describes some things as spirits—the spirit of gluttony, pride, slothfulness.  

Now, if we are born into sin, as the Bible mentions, the Bible certainly has a clear explanation for how!  We all have heard the story of Adam and Eve.  They disobeyed and wanted to be like God.  The original sin is “the independence of God.”  The Bible states that we are NOT the SIN.  However, sin lives in us.  It affects the soul, which is comprised of the (mind, intellect, and will).  It effects the heart and the flesh.  

The Bible states that we are born spiritually dead.  Therefore we are ruled by sin, and it has power over us. 

I know this is much information.  But please bear with me and hold on tight.  Since you are spiritually dead, and you are born into SIN.  It would seem like you have no choice in what sin affects you.

This is why you will hear many spiritually dead people say…. I can control whom I love.  I can’t control my drug addiction.  I can’t control my emotions.  I can’t; I can’t, I can’t.  They feel hopeless and literally in bondage to something they can’t seem to control. 

See, the problem here is that you can’t live with your finite strength.  I am not here to preach to HonestlyTruly; I want to answer this question according to what the Bible says since science can’t answer.  So stay with me. 

So, how do we fix this sin problem?  Here is the 2nd part of the answer.  

The Bible says our creator Yahweh has given humanity a choice!  To be free from the power of sin.  The unseen evil forces are affecting us physically. The option we all have been given is through the act of salvation in which we accept Yahweh’s son Yeshua who has come to earth in the flesh and died for our sins and paid the cost, thereby has freed us from the power of sin and its effects in our life.

Now let’s bring this full circle.  So, science proves that trauma (sin) affects DNA and is passed on to our children.  Bible also proves this and says we are born into sin and shaped into iniquity.  

This is why you can see little ray having homosexual tendencies at a young age.  We didn’t go into spirits, demons, and familiar spirits.  Because that’s too deep for some to understand, we can acknowledge that we see the early signs of particular inclinations and tendencies in infancy.  

This is also studied when mothers are using drugs while pregnant how it affects the unborn.  Also, similarly, if she is emotionally abused and has trauma mentally and physically, it affects the unborn child and its development.  

However, although we can’t prevent ourselves from being born into sin, we do have the choice to be free from it once we come into the knowledge and understanding that there is a cure.  That cure the Bible states is through Yeshua!  Jesus Christ.  

The Bible states that Jesus Christ overcame sin.  He overcame All rulers of darkness, unseen forces that go against the creator’s original order. 

He took power away from sin and the spiritual realm.  You no longer have to live in misery and bondage to things you feel you can’t control.

Because through Christ, he gives you new life!  A new spirit and heart show you the power to come to the power of sin. 

As an ambassador of Christ’s kingdom, this message I give to you is not my words.  I only speak what my savior Christ speaks.  

He says He is the way the truth and life! No one can come to the Father except through Him and Him alone! 

The Bible exclaims that He Jesus, whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!  You can be free!  This is the gift and the gospel, the good news to all humanity.


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