Are you tired of going to court and never coming to any resolve?  

Have you tried everything and still feel hopeless?  

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Conflict resolution is a way for two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement.  
There are three approaches that can be used:
Evaluative, Transformative or Facilitative.  You get to decide which approach works best for you.
Average Rating:

Family Conflict: Separation/Divorce: We provide separating or divorcing couples/parents with mediation assistance so that they may jointly work out property division, parenting plans, and future support arrangements and achieve well-being for all parties involved, including any children.
Parent/Teen: We help parents and teens in conflict peacefully resolve disputes that might otherwise lead to family violence or unruly or delinquent behavior by youth.
Elderly Care: We help families develop care-taking disposition arrangements for an aging or otherwise disabled love one.
Spousal Relationship Disputes: We help spouses reach agreements on specific, lingering disputes so that they can avoid separation or divorce.

Work-Place Disagreements: To help co-workers and employees/employers resolve conflicts that might otherwise lead to the loss of employment for an individual. To assist employees with personal conflicts that may be negatively affecting their productivity. The goal for the community is to help individuals maintain and preserve their employment.

My Mission

The goal and mission is to help people find resolutions to life problems and challenges.  My unique approach to conflict resolution involved intermixing psychology and spiritual understanding to the problems of life. I believe that in order to receive full healing. One must address both the physical and the spiritual. It is my goal to educate, inspire and lead people to freedom.  

My desire is to be a vessel to assist people in their personal development, relationships and pursuit of their purpose. I believe that each person has the capacity to fulfill his or her unique purpose in life. My purpose is to motivate and challenge people to transform into that unique and awesome person they were created to be.

Unfortunately, many of us self sabotage and don’t recognize that we prevent our own progress. Some of us lack motivation and struggle from self-limiting mindsets that stem from subconscious programs due to childhood trauma.

My goal is to help people identify what the bible calls “Spiritual strongholds’. Or what psychology calls, self-limiting “subconscious neuropathways’ ‘. Once people identify these self-limiting mindsets and self-sabotaging patterns. We can replace them with “TRUTH”. This truth is rooted in biblical truths that will increase their capacity to function in relationships and bring reconciliation where necessary. To rebuild broken relationships and restore their self-image.

Freedom in Yeshua Ministries is unique. My method aligns the whole person, spirit, soul and body. It is understood that to live in FREEDOM the way Yahweh intended. We must address the whole being of each person.

Healing is a journey. I am here to point you the healer who and heal past wounds, or be your encourager to motivate you to start that business you’ve dreamed of. I am there step by step with you on your journey towards success


About Inspiring Others

I am passionate about inspiring, encouraging, and empowering people to make the changes necessary in life to reach their full potential and engage in healthy relationships.  To defeat the negative thoughts and conquer the battlefield of the mind. My coaching and training focus on empowering individuals by helping them understand why they behave the way they do, identifying the lies and negative thought processes we were programmed to believe through our traumas. Finally, to provide the tools necessary to change these issues permanently.

My Qualifications

15 years of Entrepreneurial Experience

20 years experience with Marriage and Parenting

30 years experience with Narcissism (Parents and Toxic spouses)

Social and Emotional Wellness speaker