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Empowerment Workshops and Motivational Speeches impacts youths’ lives. They find more self-esteem, confidence and are able to create attainable goals. The positive impact is seen in higher rates of high school graduation. Students are less likely to drop out of school when they have a mentor. They find more self-confidence, self-esteem, and are able to create big goals for themselves

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Bullying is a complicated issue and people often don’t know how to navigate through the mess of figuring out what’s going on. With all this ambiguity and confusion, it’s hard to know if you’re a bully or being bullied. The good news is that bullying comes with a solution: compassion.

This presentation

explores reasons why people bully and how we can respond to bullying. This presentation engages participates to explores their own thoughts regarding their beliefs, actions, and solutions when addressing bullying.

Our workshop

addresses common reasons why people bully and then moves into strategies (Use of worksheets and exercises) to respond to bullying.


In order to make a great impact in this world, we need to be persuaded that we are winners and champions. There is no greater motivation for winning than the assurance that it is who we already are. To effectively fulfill our destiny we must discover who we are. 


Our workshop is filled with exciting exercises that get participants to discover who they are.  

What is the benefit of
a School Partnership?

Our empowerment workshops teach children critical thinking skills, problem solving, interpersonal relationships and positive coping mechanism.  Personal and professional development, including increased wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence, and better work-life balance. Preparation for the future and heightened career aspirations.

Bianca offers affordable investment options, depending on how much impact you’d like to bring to your school or event. When you reach out, Bianca’s team will provide these options to you along with our recommendation.

There is no need to worry if you lack the funds or budget to hire a speaker. There are multiple sources of funding for schools. It is possible that you have funds available to you that you are not even aware of.

Get your free copy of Bianca’s Free Guide: 10 Creative Ways to Invest in People to learn how to bring in a speaker with ease, success, and proven strategies.

The length of Bianca’s presentations varies depending on whether she is hosting an assembly, a workshop, or staff training. The average length of a student presentation is 45-60 minutes. Workshops and staff in-service training usually last 60-120 minutes. However, Bianca is able to customize every presentation to your time frame.

In addition to offering virtual presentations, Bianca has extensive experience in the field. Content delivered in a redesigned format, but with the same top-notch quality. Instead of giving a generic virtual presentation, Bianca is committed to providing a professional, high-quality experience. You won’t get a talking head, nor will Bianca wear headphones! In addition to clear and crisp audio, Bianca’s video quality is exceptional, and his lighting is adequate. For a seamless presentation experience (no sloppy screen sharing or pauses), she uses fun, high-quality software. Each event will also be preceded by a tech run-through by Bianca!

With years of experience speaking and motivating, Bianca ensures that her presentations are age-appropriate for every audience. With experience speaking to youth in K-12 and at the college level, she is well suited for her role. Depending on the age group, it is often simply a matter of changing the language, using different stories, or presenting issues differently.

All students will receive Bianca’s message. Regardless of the details of the student’s life, she incorporates themes of leadership, facing challenges, inspiration, motivation, and service into every presentation. Her personal story and actionable takeaways for audiences illustrate these themes. She emphasizes mental health, achievement, and leadership development to ensure that no youth feels left out.

Bianca is a practicing Christian. She is able to deliver the same impactful message of acceptance, significance and security without it being faith based.

Bianca will support you through the planning process. You will receive PR materials to help you prepare. This includes Bianca’s bio, headshots, and social media promotional graphics. Additionally, you will receive a simple list outlining Bianca’s technical and presentation needs.

It is Bianca’s favorite thing to talk about the schools she visits. Bianca will announce your school or event on her social media platforms and via her e-mail newsletter prior to her arrival.

Please feel free to interview Bianca for your school newsletters or web platforms during her visit. As a follow-up to the event, Bianca will post to both her blog and social media accounts.

Bianca will be able to live stream any major conference or event on her social media platforms. Additionally, she will incorporate strategies to encourage attendees to use your event hashtags and accounts.

As part of Bianca’s presentation, your audience will be able to take advantage of a variety of complimentary resources. Worksheets, self-assessments, handouts, as well as teaching tools for youth leaders, might be included. Additionally, Bianca will bring free “swag” such as buttons, pins, and stickers. Depending on availability and your investment, Ashley will also provide t-shirts and other merchandise, both for free and for purchase.

Why Hire Me?

As a Child Advocate , I am responsible for helping the youth discover who they are and their purposes.  I help guide and assist children make action plans. I take it seriously to motivate and inspire children to be everything God has called them to be.

Being a Child Advocate is a

huge responsibility.

It is important as a mentor to provide constructive feedback and advice. But most importantly to provide support and enthusiasm. It is my desire to empower youth and adults with the ability to develop their own strengths, beliefs, and personal attributes.

Mentoring provides support, guidance, and opportunities. Our clients can develop an emotional bond that can provide the help needed to succeed in life and meet their goals.