Life Coaching Appointment
Statement Of Understanding

Freedom Appointment State of Understanding (#29)

Life Coaching Appointment Statement Of Understanding

Freedom In Yeshua Ministries is  leading the freedom appointment:

Note: It is important that you understand that FIY is a local ministry, which accredits its own encouragers and prayer partners, is running your appointment .  You should satisfy yourself as to our credentials, and contact us if you have any concerns about the process.

Declaration by the person going through the Life Coaching appointment:

I understand this is not a counseling appointment, and that the staff of Freedom in Yeshua Ministries, those associated with them, are not professional or accredited counselors, nor medical or psychological practitioners. 

I understand that everything I share during this encouragement experience will be kept confidential and that I alone hold the right to release any information.  

However, I am also aware that if the staff of FIY suspects that a child (under the age of 18 years); a vulnerable adult; or an elderly person (over the age of 65 years) is currently endangered by abuse; or if I am a danger to myself or others, they will inform the appropriate authorities, and I give my consent to this.

I am here voluntarily and am free to leave at any time.

I deem the persons facilitating this appointment to be encouragers and a Life Coach in the Christian faith, and they are here to help me assume my responsibilities for finding freedom in Yeshua.