Breakthrough to

Discovering Your Freedom in yeshua

Are you a new believer in Yeshua?

Or maybe you have been a follower of Yeshua for sometime. Yet, you struggle with living a victorious life. Sin seems to have its hands tightly gripped around your neck. You can barely breathe. You seem to struggle with the sin-confess cycle. Satan has you convinced that you will never change. Well, this is the course for you. You can be free from the lies of the enemies. Start believing the TRUTH. The truth will set you free. Only if you allow it to set you free.

Expect to Grow

Receive your BREAKTHROUGH, FOUNDATIONAL TRUTHS, GODLY STRATEGIES TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. Our course consist of  10 Lessons designed to assist you in acquiring your Freedom.  We give your biblical tools, techniques, and strategies that will keep you permanently free, healed, and connected in a practical, meaningful and authentic way with others.


Detailed teaching lessons that lead you to discover the truth about who you are in Christ and the reality of spiritual warfare.


Comprehensive strategies and tools are given to help guide us grow in maturity.


Discovering the Lies we have been taught by our trauma. To take every thought captive to the truth of God's word. Tearing down the strongholds of the mind.

We consist of The Flesh, The Soul and The Spirit.  When we give our life to christ.  We are a NEW creation.  We receive a NEW heart and spirit.  However, The Soul consist of our mind, emotions and will.  That has not been made NEW.  The Bible says we are to renew our minds.  In order to do that we address specific challenges related to your mind, emotions, and will.  The mind is to submit to the spirit.  The flesh is to submit to the renewed mind. 

Introducing Speaker:

Bianca L. Gibson

Bianca was born in Columbus, Ohio.  She grew up with two parents who had experienced extreme childhood trauma.  Having two parents (Mother and Step-Father), who were very emotionally broken.  They were unable to provide a consistent loving environment for growth.  Bianca experienced rejection, abandonment, lack of love, molestation and more at a young age.  Having parents that were incapable of parenting.  Led Bianca to form many negative coping mechanisms to deal with the uncertainty of life.  Fear of abandonment, Forced independance at an early age.  Caused her to adapt unhealthy attachment styles.  Which propelled her into unhealthy, abusive and toxic marriages later in life. 

But through the teaching, healing and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Bianca discovered through Yeshua’s word how to overcome childhood traumas.  To demolish the lies that she believed from the traumas that she had experienced.  By tearing down those strongholds, lies, and generational curses passed to her by her parents and her parents, parents.  She was able to retain her freedom.  Now, so can you!

Here's just a tiny sample of what you'll discover when you register for class:

Discovering who you are through the eyes of your Yahweh.

Get to the root of childhood trauma and their lies. Learn to reprogram your subconscious mind from negative limiting thought patterns. Heal your trauma. Learn to renew your mind through the truth of Gods word.

How to apply foundational truths and strategies to promote healing and growth. Dismantling the lies and old sinful and worldly ways of thinking. Incorporate positive coping mechanisms to to deal with life's disappointments

Learn about spiritual warfare and the battle of the mind

Discover the purpose of emotions and how to manage them

Understanding forgiveness. Power of forgiving yourself and others

Discover how to love and realte to others

Defining Truth and deciding to believe it

It is my prayer and heart’s desire that many souls will be saved and changed forever after completing this course. It differs from all other psychology courses in the world.  Jesus Christ, Yeshua, is the healer.  He is the only one that can set the captives free.  Worldly solutions and our efforts are only temporary solutions.

But it is through Yeshua and his spirit that we are transformed. NOT just changed. Change implies that it can be changed back. Transformation is permanent and can’t go back. If you are dealing with destructive patterns like love addiction, people-pleasing, codependency, food addiction, alcohol or substance challenges, and video games.
If you’re overcome with grief and pain from a breakup, then this course will show you how to address the pain, reprogram your pain at the subconscious level, and transform your grief into FREEDOM.

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There are some things you can do to get the most out of the course:

Share, Chat and Ask Questions

Let’s continue talking about the things we raised after each session? How about exchanging ideas and questions with other people who just took the same session?

We launched a forum for everyone going through the course. 

Go to the course participants’ forum right now. 

And, for you Facebook fans out there, there are some lively discussions and comments about Freedom In Yeshua on our Facebook Page. We’d love you to join!

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Join our 30-Day “I AM” Freedom Challenge:

Take a proactive approach in changing your subconscious programming.  Ensure that the principles of truth are take root in your total being.  Leaving a long lasting transformation.  This challenge is specifically designed to change your way of thinking, which will then change your behavior.  It applies both psychological and biblical methods to align your subconscious mind to spiritual being. 

This challenge comes with words of affirmation bracelets in our shop where you can also find a whole host of other resources which will give you further information on the areas covered by the course.

It’s great to enjoy the course.  But knowledge without wisdom is dead.  To make sure the truth of God’s words penetrates deeply into your spirit and soul.  It will require that you make the these truths practical in your daily life.  We want a lasting change, This isn’t religion.  It’s a relationship.

If you went through the Break-Through Freedom session, self-guided online, we recommend that you now go through the process in a personal appointment led by Bianca. You will find that you will go much deeper.

The process should be repeated once a year as a kind of “spiritual maintenance”. You’d be surprised how much baggage accumulates in a year!

There are several workshops that are designed to provide interactive exercises to reinforce truth thinking.  Be proactive with taking your mind and spirit to the healing gym.

Keep going over the principles you have learned

Subscribe to our course monthly.  This will enable you to revisit the teachings of uncompromising and life changing truth.  You will find you get much more out of it a second (or even third time). Alternatively read our recommended books (Use shop link) to assist your healing and freedom.

Getting into an accountability relationship is beneficial for us all. The most effective mutual accountability occurs when several people agree to meet and pray about the issues they are addressing together. Sharing stronghold-buster strategies, encouraging each other to persevere, and praying together could be of great benefit to you.

You might find it helpful to ask a mature Christian from your church to keep you accountable if you’re struggling with a particularly pernicious sin issue. Having to tell someone if you fall is a powerful motivator.

John 8:31-32 31

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” 36 So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.

As you take this course you will learn what the Bible describes as being a “New Creation, Born-Again, Transformed”. Maybe you have already given your life to Christ. But are you aware of who you are in Christ? There may be times when you feel that you have not “become new” as described in the Bible. 

You’ll go through 10 steps that will help you understand who you are and let go of your old mind-set. So you can become a new FREE creation in Yeshua. 


Customer Success Stories:

“After finding Jesus as my Savior, I can honestly say that I have never been happier than when I entered into the fullness of my spiritual freedom in Christ. I recommend it.”
“Life Changing! Freedom in Yeshua help me to clearly hear the message of the gospel.”
“I wanted to thank you and give you praise! I couldn't help but praise God last night, telling him how much I love him. Today, my heart was full of love and pounding. I encountered liberating truths in the course. I knew it was in my heart, but it wasn't received, even though I 'knew' it. My wall of pain, wounds, and lies kept me from the truth of God's love and Jesus' liberation. But, this week, the wall crumbled.
For years, I have been a Christian, attended all the right meetings, done the right things, and worn all the right t-shirts! Having felt somewhat despondent for quite a while, I had been thinking there must be more to church life than this, and if I had a 'dramatic experience or manifestation' then I would be a much more spiritual person, and I would be a better Christian. However, as I listened to all the teaching last week, I began to realize that actually I already knew all the truths that were presented. In the end, while reading Break-Through Freedom In Yeshua on Saturday, I didn't actually feel anything, but realized later that I didn't have anything deep-seated that needed addressing (only some minor issues) since they had already been addressed by God. It was just that I hadn't believed it. I now know how to deal with any other problems. On Sunday morning, I wept during worship.

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