Reframing Communication: Workshop #1

Introduction on how to communicate with DIFFICULT PEOPLE.  Are you in a relationship, have a co-worker, or boss, or have to co-parent with a problematic defensive person?  You feel successful and exhausted when attempting to communicate.  Learn how to communicate with highly defensive and challenging individuals and achieve the successful results you are looking for.  Restructuring your communication and learn how to effectively communicate.

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Hourly Schedule

7-Tips Understanding High Conflict People

7pm - 7:30pm

How to write a BIFF Response: Brief, Informational, Friendly, Firm

7:30pm - 8pm

3 Deadly Woes to communication with High Conflicting people

8pm - 8:30pm

Exercise: Practical examples and responses to HCP.

8:30pm - 9pm


  1. I signed up for this class when it was free. But, literally donated $50 dollars to Bianca!!!! LOL. Because the information I got from this workshop was more helpful than any counseling session I have had. Not only did she use real relatable situations and text messages and emails. She allowed us to share our own messages and helped us form great non-emotional responses. I can’t say enough about this workshop. It is worth the time and money.

  2. OMG! This workshop changed my whole freaking life! Like seriously! I kept getting trapped in the back and forth arguments with my narcissistic ex. Bianca’s class literally transformed my life. My approach is so different now. I totally will take the workbook and practice.

  3. Why is it that great information isn’t shared and circulated like this bad junk information online? We need more information like this to help the people!

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