Reframing communication Workshop #3

🔸Participants are encouraged to bring at least five (emails, text messages, or recorded phone conversations) to the session. We go through scenarios and address how to respond. At the end of the session, each person is given helpful words of affirmations, prayers, and cheat sheets on responses to situations.

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Hourly Schedule

12 Tips for managing People who Blame Others for Everything

7pm - 7:30pm

Exercise: BIFF Response: Brief, Informational, Friendly, Firm How To Deal With HCP in the Workplace

7:30pm - 8pm

How to Respond to Misinformation quickly. 

8pm - 8:30pm

How to set limits to misbehavior. Choose your battles 

8:30pm - 9pm


  1. This workshop definitely is worth paying for. I felt bad not paying and decided later to give to this ministry. You can tell she put a ton of work into this.

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